Sara Ortiz

I am able serve my country in the Army as a Military Police Officer, and now I am also to help make a difference in people's lives as an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. The Army has given me discipline, drive, and motivations that I put towards helping others reach their health goals. I have always had the drive to help those around me, but little did I know was the impact my clients make in my life on a daily basis. I love being able to interact with so many different people from all walks of life. Every day that I am training, I'm never really working because I love what I do. Becoming a personal trainer through ISSA was one of the best decisions I have made. ISSA has also allowed me to pursue my passion and allow me to work towards getting my Exercise Science degree. So, I can serve my country, train my clients, and get my degree, all while being a mom to my toddler!

As soon as I became a CFT through ISSA, I started training and grew my client base quite rapidly. Since earning my Personal trainer certificate, I also earned the Specialist in Exercise Therapy certification, became a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and began working on my Strength and Condition certification within that year. ISSA has given me the base to propel my career and allows me to use my drive to become a well-rounded trainer. I have pride in knowing that I have accomplished so much and will achieve so much more. When you do what you really love, you find the momentum to grow and get better with every new opportunity.


Christopher Shaddock

Where do I start? I can never say enough about Lionel. The education I am receiving, the staff, the resources to help us succeed are outstanding! I thought I had a handle on fitness and nutrition, and it wasn't until I enrolled in the Associates Degree Program to realize I had some bad habits which I quickly rectified and it shows in my training. I live in Iceland in a small town and some other trainers asked me what am I doing, so I Let them know about Lionel. I also let them know that two trainers who have created Bootcamp Reykjavik also enrolled in a few certifications at Lionel Now Lionel will have a few more students. Lionel is where you should be. Thank you for everything!


Christy Martinez

The education that I received from ISSA has given me the confidence to train all kinds of clients and I believe, puts me ahead of any of my peers.

I had a personal training certificate from a few years back that I had gotten from a weekend workshop and although the material and presenter of the workshop was very knowledgeable, I lacked the experience when it came to training my first few clients that had extreme medical conditions.

All of the classes that encompass the Associate of Science in Exercise Science through ISSA provide personal trainers with the tools to handle the needs and goals of all types of clients. The case studies that each class had us prepare, helped me be a better personal trainer. Most of my clients now are those that are older and had a bad experience with a personal trainer because they put them into a one-size-fits-all program. I’ve had success with these clients because of my education from ISSA and it has changed their opinion of personal trainers.

Since I graduated from ISSA, I have started my own business out of my home based on the guidance from ISSA’s Business guide for Personal Trainers and enjoy spending my days changing client’s lives.