Estimated Total Annual Expense

Tuition is due on a quarterly basis. Based on the tuition rate of $220 per credit, quarterly tuition for a full-time student enrolled in 15 credits is $3,300. The estimated total annual expense is $9,900 (45 quarter credits completed per year). The estimated total tuition and fees for the FSA eligible programs funds are:


Associate of Science in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Personal Training

90 quarter credits


Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

180 quarter credits


Master Trainer Certificate

30 quarter credits

Estimates based on tuition rate of $220 per credit hour and a $23 proctor fee for each course taken. Number of credits and courses take for a degree programs can vary by electives chosen.

Before applying for financial aid, students and parents should assess all the costs associated with attending International Sports Sciences Association. The Financial Aid office establishes standard budgets, which reflect standard costs for students during a typical quarter of enrollment.  Actual expenses vary among students depending upon lifestyles, priorities, and obligations. To assist applicants in determining their need to meet all costs of education, direct and indirect, the following schedule of tuition and fee costs has been provided with estimates of living expenses.

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1 Proctor fee not payable to International Sports Sciences Association. The student is responsible for covering one proctored exam per course. Online proctoring for the final examination can be arranged through for $23.00. Students can also arrange for an onsite proctor at their own expense.

2 All students taking undergraduate courses for credit have unrestricted access to an electronic version of the course textbook. The book is embedded in the course as a provision of Library Services and is available seven days prior to the start of class and throughout the term at no charge. Students who wish to purchase hardcopy textbooks can purchase books from a vendor of their choosing. Textbooks are listed in the course syllabus.

3 No personal or miscellaneous expenses are included in the Cost of Attendance for students attending Less Than Half Time (LTHT).